The Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to some of the world’s greatest attractions, including dramatic beaches, the wine country, plus waterfront towns, and the tech-savvy southern end of the bay known as the Silicon Valley, where lunchtime ideas at Google, Facebook, and Apple, turn into the next brilliant innovation. 


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The first inhabitants of the San Francisco area arrived around 3000 B.C. By the 16th century, when the first Europeans sailed along the California coast (always missing the Golden Gate due to fog), the area was inhabited by the Ohlone-speaking Yelamu tribe.


The Bay Area - one of the best places to live in. Despite the cost, It is one of the most beautiful, cultural, and progressive areas. The cities hold some of the most transforming neighborhoods and big tech companies.


Activities and attractions

While Southern California has traditionally received credit for influencing popular culture, today, the Bay Area is shaping the future. Silicon Valley changed the way we live, Pixar made movies fun again, and chances are that last bottle of wine you polished off came from Napa Valley wineries. The region is world-renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation, from hiking ancient redwood groves to biking the Golden Gate Bridge.